The IAS Approach

The IAS Approach


Today’s consumers engage with many different types of media. The target approach to reach Baby-Boomers will likely be much different than the one to reach Millennials. We understand the difference and have used successful approaches to inspire consumers in both generations to take action.  Because advertising is evolving at a rapid pace, we learn something new on a regular basis. We combine what we already know with new things we learn and follow some key steps before making any recommendations to our clients.

Campaign Goals

What needs to be accomplished? Once that is determined we do our research to gather all the facts to make educated decisions about which media platforms we should recommend to achieve the goals of each campaign.

The Plan

We evaluate what has worked in the past and consider any new data to help us develop an effective and efficient campaign to connect with target consumers. We use our 25+ years of media knowledge and experience, combined with a fresh perspective from our young associates, to determine how our plan should be structured to achieve success.

Creative Strategy / Content

We understand how to engage the target audience with the right content to inspire them to take action. The core messaging is always crafted to help clients build brand equity and a stronger bond with the target audience. For campaigns targeting Gen-X and Baby Boomers, we have used personality endorsements effectively with print, online, radio, and TV with “live” local sports and news talk. To effectively engage Millennials, we have found that a more personal, collaborative approach with online content and social media has been most effective.

Media Buying

After 25+ years of buying media, we are highly skilled in our ability to negotiate efficient campaigns that will generate a return on your investment. We have been on the other side of the negotiating table.  We use the knowledge we have gained over the years to our advantage and leverage our long-term relationships and our media savvy to negotiate “below market” pricing. We also structure our campaigns to include “added value”, and the right balance of premium and higher frequency placements to set our clients up for success.