Our Services

Our Services

Media Planning

We will create a media plan with all the campaign elements and costs and explain, in detail, how it it is designed to work.

Media Buying / Negotiation

We will negotiate the placement, rates, frequency, and added value for each campaign.

Brand Credibility Strategies

We use our expertise and resources to help our clients build a stronger bond with their target audience. When this happens, the level of trust from those core consumers elevates to a higher level and purchase consideration increases.

Sports Marketing

We understand the power of sports, and how to leverage it effectively with consumers.  Fan passion can transfer to brand passion. We believe meaningful engagement with sports enthusiasts will transfer loyalty between company sponsors and sports fans. For many years we have created impactful partnerships with professional sports celebrities and worked with professional and college sports franchises to help our clients. We have successfully leveraged sports personalities to reach passionate sports fans during “live” game broadcasts on radio and TV, and with outdoor billboards, websites, collateral and social media. Fan loyalty from sports to sponsors will occur with the right approach.

Creative Content

What motivates consumers? Our experience is that Baby Boomers and Gen-X consumers are more persuaded by the value and pricing story. Millennials, on the other hand, want to be inspired by your story. Millennials have demonstrated through social media engagement they are more attracted to shared experiences that are authentic, relevant and interesting. In our experience, millennials are not generally as responsive to “hard sell” tactics.  We have been creating content to reach both those audiences and understand what works. We create all content for social media, google adwords and display, radio, TV, online video, outdoor, custom email and editorial. The goal is always to inspire the target audience to act.

Campaign Management

While our clients focus on their business, we handle all fullfillment with media partners including insertion orders, invoicing, facilitating payment schedules, trafficking creative, and thoroughly reviewing each campaign upon completion to ensure all deliverables have been received.